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Collection of pictures of my favorite artist BLUE流 , for Father's Day

Collection of pictures of my favorite artist BLUE流 , for Father's Day

Collection of pictures of my favorite artist BLUE流 , for Father's Day

I have found out an article listing pictures from a Chinese artist, nickname: BLUE流 . I really his style, every picture worth thousands of words, especially when Father's Day is coming:

This is my most favorite picture among the artist's collection. We all cried when our father try to cut our nails because he always cut it so close that sometimes, we lost some skin because of it. But to me, it is always one of the most beautiful memory about my father.

And then this one, when your dad kiss you his own way. For some reason, it has been always hurt when he did that when I was young. Until when you grow up, you realize it was just because your father love so much and he could not find a way to truly reflect his love for you.


To most of us, the greatest father is not just the one protect and teach us how to be successful in life. The greatest father consider himself as a life-long friend of his son. My father was like that. He has been, and always will be my best friend ever.

Like what I have told you in my story. In real life, when you are facing life or death matter, it is not Superman, or Ironman, or Captain America that come to save you, it is your parents, your father and mother that would exchange their life for you if they have to.


 But then life is always difficult. We all will grow up, find our self a girl to love, to form family with. We will then have to experience all kinds of obstacle in life to make end meets. And for most of the time, we sacrifice our time or our family, little by little, day by day, up to a point that they may disappear from you before you realize it.

Father's Day is about to come. What good things have you done for your father, and how long have your done that? To be honest, one Father's Day or one Mother's day has never been enough, every day should should your parents' day (if you are busy, a small phone call should be enough, if not every day, then at least every week). Why?  Because when they have you, they were willing to sacrifice everything else to live their life like everyday is your most special day. 


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